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Public Attributes

TIFFDirectory Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

char * td_artist
uint16 td_bitspersample
uint16 * td_colormap [3]
uint16 td_compression
char * td_datetime
char * td_documentname
uint16 td_extrasamples
u_long td_fieldsset [FIELD_SETLONGS]
uint16 td_fillorder
uint16 td_halftonehints [2]
char * td_hostcomputer
uint32 td_imagedepth
char * td_imagedescription
uint32 td_imagelength
uint32 td_imagewidth
char * td_make
uint16 td_maxsamplevalue
uint16 td_minsamplevalue
char * td_model
tstrip_t td_nstrips
uint16 td_orientation
char * td_pagename
uint16 td_pagenumber [2]
uint16 td_photometric
uint16 td_planarconfig
uint16 td_resolutionunit
uint32 td_rowsperstrip
uint16 td_sampleformat
uint16 * td_sampleinfo
uint16 td_samplesperpixel
double td_smaxsamplevalue
double td_sminsamplevalue
char * td_software
uint32 * td_stripbytecount
uint32 * td_stripoffset
tstrip_t td_stripsperimage
uint32 td_subfiletype
uint16 td_threshholding
uint32 td_tiledepth
uint32 td_tilelength
uint32 td_tilewidth
float td_xposition
float td_xresolution
float td_yposition
float td_yresolution

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file tif_dir.h.

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